Social Studies

  • “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” -George Santayana

    The goals of the Social Studies Department in High School District 211 are:

    1. American Eagle To give students an understanding of our institutions and social environment so that they may adapt to rapidly changing conditions;
    2. To prepare students for their opportunities and responsibilities in society by fostering an appreciation of contemporary problems through discussion of current issues and their historical background;
    3. To foster attitudes of critical and impartial judgment, tolerance, and open-mindedness;
    4. To develop skill in obtaining information pertinent to social issues, in organizing materials, and in communicating ideas;
    5. To develop active citizens in our communities.

    A major in social studies is recommended for a student who is preparing for law, government service, diplomatic service, social work, teaching of social studies, journalism, psychology, international trade, or business. United States History is a state-required course taken in the junior year. A second unit of Social Studies is required for graduation. It can be Social Science Survey, Introduction to Government/ Economics, or Advanced Placement Macroeconomics/ Advanced Placement American Government and Politics. A 20-hour community service experience is included in all regular education Social Studies senior-level courses.

Social Studies Staff

  • Social Studies Office: Room 69
    Department Phone: 847-755-5826
    Department Chair Phone: 224-653-5451

Social Studies Faculty