• Music in Township High School District 211 emphasizes group performance activities. Large ensemble experiences are offered at various levels in Band, Orchestral, and Choral music. Participation in these groups fosters individual musical proficiency while encompassing rudiments of music, music tradition (history), as well as encouraging positive group dynamics. Education in music promotes development of the whole student and offers each an opportunity to intellectualize in a subjective manner. Through music study, students gain knowledge, skills, and understanding that will enable them to participate productively as individual and group members in the work place and community at large. Performance groups meet daily during a regularly scheduled school hour. In addition, orchestra directors schedule required evening rehearsals to prepare for major concerts. Participants in all three disciplines are expected to perform scheduled concerts outside the regular school day as a mandatory part of the curriculum. In instrumental music, larger, more costly instruments are provided by the district. In addition, uniforms and robes are also provided. For those where no provision has been made, the director may ask individuals to purchase apparel. In cases where this causes a financial hardship, each school has a method of accommodating these students. Classroom music is furnished. Students desiring further preparation and/or academic training in music may elect a one-semester course in music theory or music appreciation. Members of the performing organization also may be selected to participate in a variety of smaller performing ensembles which meet outside of the school day. These extracurricular groups are active in the community performing for civic, fraternal, and school functions. They also may represent the school in competitions. In addition, the Music Department provides the nucleus for major productions (musical, variety show) giving students further performance opportunities. Through music discipline, a student develops appreciation, creativity, and sensitivity while becoming an intelligent consumer of the arts. The program also recognizes its obligation to assist those preparing for a career in music.

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