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    Back to School 2020-2021

    Updated: 9-17-2020

  • Daily Wellness Screening Survey – Afternoon Academic Support Options

    Every student attending an in-person afternoon academic support option must complete the online daily wellness screening survey, at home each day prior to traveling to school, using their school-issued iPad or personal mobile device. Click here for additional information.

  • Q. Where are student class schedules available?

    A. Student schedules are available in Infinite Campus.

  • Q. What are the expectations for student attendance?

    A. Students are expected to participate in school every school day by engaging through Zoom during the full class period and completing all expected assignments and instructional activities. 

    Teachers will take attendance each period of the school day near the beginning of a class period, and again near the end of the class period.  Students’ presence or absence will be reflected in the attendance record in Infinite Campus, and parents can verify their child’s attendance record via Infinite Campus. The school will take appropriate follow-up action to resolve a student’s unexplained absence from classes.

  • Q. What should I do if my child is ill and cannot participate in online class?

    A. If a student will not be participating in classes, parents should call the school’s attendance office to report their child’s absence and provide the reason their child will not be participating. Staff members will inquire about the nature of the absence, including the presence of symptoms consistent with COVID infection. The names of students with such symptoms will be provided to the school nurse for follow up.

  • Q. How will students be able to get academic and counseling supports in the afternoon?

    A. Students will be able to sign-up for academic and tutoring supports using an online registration tool.  This will also be used to set-up meeting opportunities with counselors and other support services as well.  The remote opportunities will begin as early as August 24.

  • Q. If we are in the remote scenario, will any sports take place for the fall?

    A. The Illinois High School Association has developed a plan for fall sports that includes moving some to the spring.  We will adhere to the IHSA’s scheduling and recommendation for all competitive sports.  We are committed to providing opportunities for students to participate to the fullest and safest extent possible.  The most recent IHSA schedule can be found at https://www.ihsa.org/News-Media/Announcements/ihsa-board-announces-modified-schedule-for-2020-21-school-year