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    The Board of Education meets at 6:30p.m./7:30 p.m. each month at the G.A. McElroy Administration Center, 1750 South Roselle Road, Palatine, Illinois, unless otherwise voted by the Board.  Please be sure to check the Board of Education meeting schedule webpage for the most current information regarding meeting times, live-streaming, and locations. Special meetings may be called by the president or by any three Board of Education members by giving a 48-hour notice stating the time, place, and purpose of the meeting.

    A copy of the agenda for all regular meetings is available at the Administration Center or on the District’s website two days before each meeting. Meetings are open to the public so that the citizens of our district may view the work of the Board of Education. Closed sessions, which are not open to the public, are convened to allow the Board of Education to discuss collective bargaining negotiations; real estate; pending litigation; sale or purchase of securities and investments; employment of individuals; matters relating to individual students; and security.

    Voting on all issues, including those matters discussed in closed session, is completed in public. To be approved, an issue must receive a favorable majority vote.

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