The Power of 15-Dual Credit

  • District 211’s goal is for every student to earn at least 15 early college credits prior to graduation.  Students who earn 15 hours or more of college credit before graduating from high school are two times more likely to complete a post-secondary program.  Early college credit includes both Advanced Placement and dual credit courses. The greatest benefit of early college credit is that students accumulate college credits which assist in graduating college on time or early while saving money on the overall college costs.

    Click here for a complete listing of Dual Credit Courses offered by Township High School District 211.

Common questions about Dual Credit

  • What is dual credit?

  • Are dual credit classes held at a high school really college level?

  • Why enroll in dual credit courses?

  • Can I drop a dual credit course?

  • How to apply/register for a dual credit course?

  • Harper Application Process:

  • Triton Dual Credit Application Process:

  • Will my dual credit transfer to other colleges?

  • What does IAI stand for?

  • Does it cost extra to enroll in a dual credit course?

  • When is the deadline to withdraw from a dual credit course?

  • Is there an impact on financial aid by taking a dual credit course if a student earns below a grade of “C” in the course?

  • What is FERPA and does it apply to me?

  • How will taking a dual credit course impact my college status (admission and scholarship)?

  • How does taking a dual credit course impact NCAA eligibility?

  • If I have completed the High School Partnership Application and now I am deciding to go to Harper, do I need to complete the Harper Application?

  • I took a dual credit class, how do I obtain my Harper transcript?