Mascot & Colors

  • Team Name: Cougars

    Team Mascot: Cassius Cougar

    Colors: Blue and white with a touch of scarlet

Cassius Cougar

Cassius Cougar

Cougars Fight Song

  • Cougars Fight Song

    by James B. Conant High School Band Length:

    Cougars fight for dear old Conant High
    For our alma mater cheer.
    Fight for Conant High School; never fear
    For victory is near.
    When the going gets so rough and tough,
    We’ll never worry ’cause we got the stuff.
    So fight, fight, fight for blue and white
    And we’ll go to victory.


    Conant High, fight, fight, never die
    Stand, cheer, go team, Victory’s near.
    Rough, tough, Conant High has the stuff

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