Title I Program

  • Title I is a federally funded program that serves students at Palatine High School, Hoffman Estates High School and District 211 North Campus who are in need of improving essential skill sets in reading and mathematics. The District 211 Title I Program began in 2010 and offers special instructional opportunities for designated students who need extra assistance to reach standards in those areas. District 211 operates Title I in partnership with the parents of these students.

Overview of the Title I Program

  • Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act provides financial assistance to state and local educational agencies to meet the needs of at-risk children. Title I funds are federal monies that are received by our state. The State Educational Agencies forward these monies to school districts who qualify. District 211 has several schools that qualify for this additional assistance.  Palatine High School qualifies as a school-wide Title I program, meaning that all students at Palatine High School can benefit from these services.

Title I Program Goals

  • The main goal of Title I is to provide instructional services and activities which support students in meeting the state’s challenging performance standards. The Title I program strives to increase academic achievement by providing direct instructional support to students and effective professional development for teachers. It is also the goal of the Title I program to promote parent education and involvement.

What the Title I Program Offers

  • The Title I program offers many benefits to students. For example, the Title I program has provided the following services, many of which have benefitted your child:

    • Teacher Assistants for reading and/or math classes
    • Tutoring center and additional tutors
    • Books and supplies
    • Calculators
    • Guest speakers
    • Additional teaching materials, software, or technology which supplement instruction
    • Title I Social Work services
    • Title I Attendance Interventionist
    • The Title I program also offers opportunities for professional development for school staff.