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    Information About District 211's Student Readiness Plan 





    Preparing students for life after high school is a priority for High School District 211.  Pursuing this priority has led to the development of the D211 Student Readiness Plan, an online resource for students to use as they track their progress toward reaching their individualized goals related to high school success and post-high school experiences.

  • Accessing and Using the Student Readiness Plan

    The D211 Student Readiness Plan is a web-based resource, and each student in the pilot group has been provided with an individualized account within the online portal.  Once logged into the Student Readiness Plan website using the same username and password associated with their Infinite Campus account, students can view their plans and interact with various plan components.

    Each school year, students will participate in multiple sessions with their school’s student services staff.  During these sessions, students will learn how to navigate the plan, determine individual goals, and take information obtained using other student tools, such as Xello, and enter it within the Student Readiness Plan.  The student’s school counselor serves as the main guide and support for students as they use the website to develop their Readiness Plans.  Teachers, coaches, and activity sponsors can access and view any student’s Student Readiness Plan in order to help support students’ progress toward goals.

    A parent can access the website and view their child’s Student Readiness Plan using the parent’s Infinite Campus username and password. Parents cannot edit the plan’s contents as the student exclusively holds that ability.  Parents are encouraged to review and discuss the plan with their child to help the student make well-informed choices.

    Click here to login to the D211 Student Readiness Plan website.

  • Student Readiness Plan Components

    The Student Readiness Plan focuses on five components of readiness.  Within each component, students can assess their performance against District 211 grade-specific benchmarks. The benchmarks are aligned with currently recognized college and career readiness indicators. Students are able to set independent goals that exceed District benchmarks in each area.

    • Academic Readiness
      • Academic Readiness captures traditional measures of student performance in school such as grades and credits earned. Students can track their status relative to unweighted Grade Point Average (GPA), weighted GPA, early college credits, standardized test scores, and high school credits earned.
    • College & Career Exploration
      • Exploring and identifying post-high school options is a critical part of planning for life after high school. The Student Readiness Plan is designed to support all students as they determine their interest in obtaining further education at the college level, entering the workforce, or pursuing military service.  Within the College & Career Exploration portion of the Student Readiness Plan, students take account of their interests, document research findings, and track participation in events and activities that help build their awareness of the processes related to their selected pathway.
    • Student Involvement
      • District 211 recognizes that students who are involved in their school are more likely to experience success. Students are encouraged to remain involved in at least one school club/activity or school sport each year.  Additionally, District 211 acknowledges that student involvement extends into the local community through experiences such as volunteering and part-time employment.  Within the Student Involvement component of the Student Readiness Plan students can indicate interest in in-school activities and sports, document membership on in-school activities and sports, and record involvement in out-of-school experiences.
    • Global Competitive Skills
      • While in school, students develop many skills beyond the traditional academic abilities stressed in English, science, and mathematics coursework. These other skills are often referred to as Global Competitive Skills and consist of workplace readiness skills such as attitude and professionalism, work ethic and initiative, communication, teamwork, problem solving and adaptability, timeliness, and digital literacy.  These skills represent traits and characteristics employers evaluate and look for in job candidates they consider for hiring.  Within the Student Readiness Plan, students have the opportunity to track their status relative to established benchmarks for each skill area.
    • Wellness
      • Students’ physical health and social-emotional well-being is essential for achieving success in school and preparing for life after high school.  Within the Student Readiness Plan, students account for factors that influence their overall wellness status.

    Each readiness component is supplemented with a set of resources associated with the component’s goals and priorities.  These resources provide definitions of terms and links to other websites that students can use as they set their goals and monitor their status.

  • Other Features of the Student Readiness Plan

    The Student Readiness Plan includes several features designed to help students efficiently use and access other school resources and manage their time.

    • Access to School-provided email account
      • The Student Readiness Plan contains links to easily access the logon screen for the student’s D211 email account.
    • Personal Calendar
      • A personal calendar is available for the student to view individualized events.  The calendar will allow the student to pull in events from other school-based calendars to create a single source of information about events pertinent to the student.
    • To Do List
      • Students can create an individualized “To Do” list to keep track of tasks.
    • In-Progress Grades
      • A summary of the student’s overall grades for the current semester is available and updated every 30 minutes.
    • Scheduling Meetings with School Counselor
      • An online form can be completed to help the student schedule time with the student’s school counselor.
    • Bell Schedule
      • A link to the school’s bell schedule is provided to help students navigate the school day.
    • Links to Other Online Systems
      • Links to the Infinite Campus portal, Schoology, Career Cruising websites are posted on the homepage of the Student Readiness Plan.